The Types of Animation You Can Use

You can choose from a number of different types of animation, and you will find that each of them provides you with a different look. If you wish to build something that has a distinct identity, you will find that an animation creates a style that is all your own. Each style of animation may help create the vision you have in your head, and you turn out to be pleased knowing that you have invested in animation you understand and know how to use. Each of the styles will turn out to be quite unique, and you must learn how each of them helps you achieve your goals when you are working on new animations for your school projects, commercials, work, or entertainment programming. Consider which style of animation you would prefer to use, and you may notice quite quickly the style that makes you feel good about your work.

Which Types Are Out There?

You may choose from 2D vector based animation, 3D animation, traditional animation, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. You are free to choose each of these different design styles. You need to pick them based on what you think you can manage to use the easiest. Traditional animation is just a stream of images that you have to lay together and fill as you pass from one to the next. This is the style in which Walt Disney made his most famous films, and it is still used today. You may create something using the 2D vector based graphics that uses vectors to ensure that you can manage size and scale.

Consider What Will Work Best In Your Media

3D animation is often done with a computer because it must line up with the 3D glasses that you give people when they come into the movie theater. Motion graphics often use the images created by people who wear motion capture suits. You may choose to use stop motion animation which looks much like clay figures and other objects have been moved around a table and filmed. They have been positioned to set the scene, and they are moved consistently until you have been given the best looking scene. Each of these different types of animation will help you build something that looks good, and you must ensure that you have taken the time to make your molds and models properly.

Clay, Typography, Sand, and Flipbook Animation are Also Available to You

Claymation is popular in cartoons, and flipbook animation gives you the feeling of turning the pages in an old school way. Typography animation uses the words you have printed in the animation while they move and interact with the viewer. You may use cutout animation that appears to have been cut from a magazine, or you may use puppetry animation where you position your own puppets for each shot. You might even try zoetrope animation where you film the tiles from inside a wheel that is spinning at a speed you have chosen. Those are great for the scenes or streaming art like you find in “The Lion King”.

The Evolving Art of Animation

Animation is a rapidly evolving field. It has changed a great deal since its beginnings many years ago. Rather than being done using simple drawings like in the past, animation now utilizes advanced computer technology. Furthermore, it is possible for animation to have an extremely 3 dimensional appearance. In the past, animation tended to have a flat and two dimensional quality. However, those days are long over. Computer generated animation can be extremely detailed and realistic looking. For that reason, computer generated animation is being used by many cinematographers around the world. It also can be used for business owners to produce graphics for illustrative purposes.

All Types of Animation Come from The Older Forms of Animation

Animation is a complicated art, and many different techniques exist to make good animation. However, all types of animation come from the older forms of animation in their origin. All forms of animation originated from the basic principles behind two dimensional animation. Nowadays, the techniques that are used utilize the principles employed in two dimensional animation and advanced techniques in computerized animation.

Early on, animation was done using very simple drawings. Emile Cohl started creating drawings and using them to create moving pictures. These animations weren’t of very high quality, and people found themselves unable to relate to the stories that were told. However, animations evolved a great deal from there. Walt Disney was one of the first well known producers of animated films. Walt Disney’s animations have been extremely well done and successful. One of these animated films was Fantasia, and this film was considered among the best of two dimensional animations.

Computer Animation Advances

Computer animation got its beginnings earlier than you might think. Actually, there were very early computer animations during the 1960s. As time went on, computer animation began to evolve. However, the evolution of computer animation was slowed down by a divide between computer scientists and traditional two dimensional animators. However, the movie Tron brought an end to this division. After this film, two dimensional animators began working with computer scientists to improve upon computer animation. This brought forth a new era in computer animation. The collaboration between computer scientists and animation artists has led to great improvements in the quality of animation. As computer animation advances, there are likely to be even higher quality animations created. The increasing technology of computers enables an ever increasing level of detail in computer generated animation.