What are the Differences between UX and UI Design?

The differences between UX and UI are quite simple once you have considered them and studied them closely. A number of people enjoy your UX but not your UI, and there are many people who love the UI without understanding the UX. You must balance both to ensure that your apps and programs are designed properly. It is important giving quite a lot of attention to each one. This saves your customers time when they use your software or apps. They will get to what they need instantly, and not waste time filling their needs. If you have given your customers just what is needed, and they will stay in the app or program.

The UX Is the Experience You Give the Customer

The UX or user experience is what the customers get out of the app or program. That is where the program or app ensures that it finds the need of the customers, helps the customer fill that need, and shows them the simplest way to fill that need. The program or app should find what the customer needs with very few steps, so the customer must be taken right to these things. The customer does not want to spend all their time searching for something that they cannot find, and they would be very disappointed if they have to spend their time scrolling instead of getting what they want. The UX that is of highest quality will take customers right to where they need to be.

The UI Helps People Move around the App

The UI is the interface that your customers use when they come to your site or program/app. They must touch buttons and tabs to get where they are going, and they must have a way to get instant results when they touch these buttons. You should test the UI easily to ensure that all your buttons are lined up, and check the app or program deeply if everything works right the first time. Any apps or programs that are not interfacing with you properly must be skipped or dropped quickly. There are many people who do not have patience for these problems, and in reaction they will not recommend your app or program for the same reasons. Ensure that you have checked how people interface with the app before you release it to the public.

Social Design Awards Winners Offer Inspiration

The inspiration that you get as a designer may come from a number of places. You must ensure that you have the inspiration that will spark your next great design. It is very important that you have looked through the Social Design Awards winners because they will provide you with some of the finest looks. Someone won an award because of the hard work they did. They are giving a place to jump off and do your own thing. Peruse the things they have made, and start to look through each one to see what may be your finest choice such as a new color scheme or drawing technique.

Check the Winners Every Year When They Are Released

The Social Design Award winners are released every year because they are the best in the field. They provide something that you have not seen before. You can start to look through the large number of designs that you find online that represent the winners. You may contact these people and learn how they went through their process, and you will be blessed to learn from them as you hope to win an award in the future. Maybe you become one of their new protégés, and learn more from them in the process. It is far simpler to learn from people who are successful right now.

Search for Something That Inspires You

The search you start to find better designs will help you find something that you likely have never seen before. You may have been through a number of designs searching for inspiration, and you will find that it is much easier for you to create the designs you need when you have invested in the designs in a way that makes the most sense. You will see something that is very much like what you are doing right now, and you will feel justified because you have been working in that same style. There are many people who win awards because the diversity of the awards is great. You will find something that looks great, and you will be inspired because of how it looks.

The Awards Are a Gallery of Excellence

The awards are given every year to those who have done the best work in their respective fields. Run across people who may do exactly what you do, are close to doing what you do, or know already. It is quite a lot of fun to look through the winners because they act like a gallery of excellence that can be used to make decisions, and form your next plan for work. There are many people who have designer’s block because they have been working so hard, and they must so something to get unstuck. This is often the finest place to go to learn what may be around the corner.

You Must Do This for Yourself

You have a responsibility to yourself to look at the best of the best in your field every year. You should improve quite a lot every year if you have taken the time required to build a portfolio that will be inspiring to others. You must look at work that you are happy to see, and you must are lessons from that work so that you may improve the work you are doing every day. You should start to use something such as this to save time, and share the images or the pages with others. Your team may collaborate over these images, and plan to enter the contest next year. There is quite a lot of potential in your work when you have reviewed all of your options.

3 Things That Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention

You need to have novelty in your designs, and contrast and emotions in your work. You are designing for a customer who must stay around long enough to purchase your products. Therefore the people have to be turned on by what you make. The novelty and contrast will be a very good start. Begin adding elements to your site or app as you go and keep the quality of your work as high as possible.

It must be easy to skim because people do not read every word that you have written. Ensure that you have presented information in an order that is easy to understand, and consider the website speed. You cannot create something that is so complex it will not run. So prove that you have thought through the full process before going live.

If You Want to Catch a Man’s Attention

It’s a cliché – but the truth. You will catch a man’s attention when you are using women with red lips. These are some of the easiest things to use to get a man’s attention, so work with these kinds of images if possible. E.g. people are drawn to red as it is, and this is a simple way making it more likely that a customer will pay attention and stay when he is on the site or in your app. You will find that people who are on your site may see one picture that will keep them on the site and return because they link the picture with your product. You are doing yourself a favor by using images, and also making your customers feel very happy just by looking at what you have created.

Use Bold Headers

You must use bold headers and add novelty to your headers. Create funky headlines that people will take notice of. It is much easier for you to get attention when you have written special headlines that anyone would want to check out and remember. It is also important that you use fonts which are easy to read. You have to design the site or app with a font style and size which is clear and fits to your product. By this you may help your readers easily find the information they are interested in about your site or app.

Be Patient

You must give your readers something to read that will help them progress from one page of the site to the next. They will want to read a little bit of everything, and you cannot force them to go to a specific place. So make sure that the pages you are attempting to send your customers are found naturally. This is possible if you have followed all the rules for web design that have been discussed here. Then the majority of people who come to your site will be quite excited by the manner in which the site has been designed. They will read slower to look at what you have made. You must allow them to find things as easy as possible. Give them simple navigation tools on the top of the page with a clear structure and allow them to go back at the bottom of every page. That makes your site much easier to get around, and you will see more people spend extra time on your site.

The Types of Animation You Can Use

You can choose from a number of different types of animation, and you will find that each of them provides you with a different look. If you wish to build something that has a distinct identity, you will find that an animation creates a style that is all your own. Each style of animation may help create the vision you have in your head, and you turn out to be pleased knowing that you have invested in animation you understand and know how to use. Each of the styles will turn out to be quite unique, and you must learn how each of them helps you achieve your goals when you are working on new animations for your school projects, commercials, work, or entertainment programming. Consider which style of animation you would prefer to use, and you may notice quite quickly the style that makes you feel good about your work.

Which Types Are Out There?

You may choose from 2D vector based animation, 3D animation, traditional animation, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. You are free to choose each of these different design styles. You need to pick them based on what you think you can manage to use the easiest. Traditional animation is just a stream of images that you have to lay together and fill as you pass from one to the next. This is the style in which Walt Disney made his most famous films, and it is still used today. You may create something using the 2D vector based graphics that uses vectors to ensure that you can manage size and scale.

Consider What Will Work Best In Your Media

3D animation is often done with a computer because it must line up with the 3D glasses that you give people when they come into the movie theater. Motion graphics often use the images created by people who wear motion capture suits. You may choose to use stop motion animation which looks much like clay figures and other objects have been moved around a table and filmed. They have been positioned to set the scene, and they are moved consistently until you have been given the best looking scene. Each of these different types of animation will help you build something that looks good, and you must ensure that you have taken the time to make your molds and models properly.

Clay, Typography, Sand, and Flipbook Animation are Also Available to You

Claymation is popular in cartoons, and flipbook animation gives you the feeling of turning the pages in an old school way. Typography animation uses the words you have printed in the animation while they move and interact with the viewer. You may use cutout animation that appears to have been cut from a magazine, or you may use puppetry animation where you position your own puppets for each shot. You might even try zoetrope animation where you film the tiles from inside a wheel that is spinning at a speed you have chosen. Those are great for the scenes or streaming art like you find in “The Lion King”.

The Vibrant Visual Art Scene

The entire vibrant visual art scene is growing and expanding in so many glorious ways. The future grads of art and design are excited to be a part of this extraordinary and vibrant scene. The future graduates are rather inclusive and quite collaborative. Art programs are being weaved into cities everywhere.

Visual art is being included in numerous commercial areas and public galleries are fast emerging. This visual art boom has swiftly grown due to the strengthened economy. This is so exciting because collecting art has included almost every age group. Art collections and art galleries are changing.

The new art demographics do not limit any age from collecting and enjoying stunning visual art collections. Contemporary and public galleries will be seen sprouting up in cities and new spaces will be opened. Art museums and art collections will be seen and appreciated by many with this trend.

A Thriving Visual Arts Scene in Calgary

Include pop-up galleries and established artist-run centers amongst the thriving within the visual arts scene itself. Many opportunities continue to emerge for artists. The opportunities are being presented to the new artists too. Much support is being offered for the established artists also. It is the new and vibrant cultural events and the exhibitions that are nourishing this visual arts scene.

Talent is everywhere and talented individuals are getting noticed. The competition varies amongst this field from city to city. Calgary is providing a strong sense of community for all artists. Talented individuals within the art world are indeed in abundance right in Calgary.

The entire scene of visual areas is vibrant and diverse in every way in Calgary. Expect more growth to continue in this area. Art lovers and artist are thrilled with everything that continues to happen in the art world. This is indeed an exciting time.

Untitled Art Society (UAS)

The UAS or the Untitled Art Society is a not-for-profit organization. It is actually run by artist themselves. The idea is to offer and provide great opportunities. This includes the opportunity for engagement and strong connections with the public.

This incorporates work that has not necessarily ever been seen anywhere else. This is a special group and it is filled with talented people who have made this a strong and powerful community. The Untitled Art Society has a solid and clear mission. The mission incorporates engagement in contemporary ideas and art. Transparency is a core belief and value. The building of audiences is supported along with offering valuable resources.

Much more about the Untitled Art Society

Calgary is known to fully engage in contemporary art. Right in the middle of Calgary sit the Untitled Art Society. This is a society that does support the following:

  • workshops
  • exhibitions
  • educational programming
  • opportunities

Emerging artists are given the opportunity to showcase untitled exhibitions. Ideas are fostered and encouraged.

A Bridge into the Professional World

The Calgary ARC offers space for a talented artist in their emerging process. Fostering a bridge for the artist who is ready to allow their creativity to explode. This bridge is intended to lead into the world of professionals. The idea is to offer an environment in which experimentation and taking risks is encouraged.

Support and encouragement keep the emerging artists motivated and positive. Keeping them in Calgary is the outcome rather than having them move away. Add effective marketing to this space and ensure the messages come across loud and clear while reaching targeted audiences will create a bridge to the professional world.

The art talent can overflow as the creativity is unleashed. Taking risks without inhibitions is encouraged and supported in order to foster the next step across the bridge and into the world of true professionalism. This creates much excitement for the budding professional.

Fostering Stability and Dynamic Growth

The entire visual arts scene in the Calgary area has a clear vision and it is apparent that a strong dedication is readily fostered for dynamic growth within the contemporary and modern art area. There is a vision that includes operational excellence and it does include innovation. The idea is to attract solid community engagement along with support. This will lead to solid stability along with a dynamic growth in the world of art. It is more than possible to live a highly creative life.

Keep in mind, the world of arts is for anyone. Building capital is certainly possible. Leaders are capable of providing solid knowledge and guidance. Connecting and balancing creativity is a healthy outcome for many. There are so many high-quality art opportunities in a vibrant and energized space. Stability and dynamic growth are available to completely embrace. The world of art is alive and filled with exciting activities and happenings.

Masterpiece Plaques Made with Superb Materials

The experts have the ability to select the perfect materials to create an absolute stunning masterpiece plaque. The recognition award is so very important and it must show the recipient much appreciation for their abilities and for their loyal dedication. The materials should be of high quality along with a stunning design in order to be memorable while lasting for many years to come.

The employee plaque and award can be beautiful while offering the deserved recognition. A beautiful plaque may be created with the use of a large variety of materials. Durability is one of the many characteristics of a masterpiece plaque. It is so very vital to select the proper design and the correct materials to be used in the creation. It is even possible to use a variety of different type’s metals during the design process. The metals may include some of the following:

  • zinc
  • gold
  • silver
  • nickel

The options are many. Excellence is the goal of the crafter. Fostering the deserving recognition with a stunning design and using quality materials will be a masterpiece worth the time and effort. Add some personalized engraving and the award creation will honor for many years to come. The masterpiece award plaque will give due respect to any recipient.

Stunning Employee Awards for years to Come

Honoring a valuable employee is a big event in the lives of many. This process of offering an award or plaque must include careful thought. It is vital to take the needed time to foster a beautiful creation that will last for many years to come. Every employee plaque and award will celebrate the achievement of excellence.

The idea is to honor success and dedication. This can be reflected through the craftsmanship and exquisite materials used during the creative process. You may choose to recognize a valuable employee with an added personal touch. You may want to consider a touch of frosted text on a plaque to show off the added effort received from a valuable employee. Perhaps a floating design on an award will show a touch of personal gratitude.

The ideas are endless in terms of personal added options. The extraordinary employee recognition award and plaque will be as unique as the employee. A personal touch and little creative styles will offer a stunning award that will honor and show off much appreciation for many years to come.

Recognizing a job well Done

It is possible to recognize a job well done with a stunning plaque. A lasting impression will be made with a high quality carefully crafted employee recognition award or plaque. There is a large selection of materials to choose from in the selection process. Many shapes and sizes are available to send the perfect message of appreciation to any recipient.
The recognition event will be spectacular with a carefully crafted employee plaque to express gratitude and success. The employee plaque will speak volumes to any recipient when the time is taken to create the perfect plaque.

Inspiration and Deal Toy Ideas

Creative toy ideas do not need to be a challenging dilemma. Include a touch of inspiration and the imagination will run ramped. Designs are in abundance and the fostering some very memorable deal toys is within any business’s reach. This does not need to be an enormous time-consuming process. Original and creative deal toy ideas can be affordable and intriguing. Include customized options in this mix and allow the ideas to come to life.

Discovering the many possibilities can be invigorating for every company. Effective deal toys will not necessarily be conventional and standard. A deal toy has been called a deal cube or even a financial commemorative. There are many names for the deal toy. The goal is the same. The idea of an inspirational deal toy is to celebrate the successful business transactions in style. There is an overflowing amount of inspirational deal toy ideas just waiting to be born and brought to life.

Celebrations and the Deal Toys

The deal toy must capture the spirit of celebration because this is an exciting way to commemorate a huge deal along with adding greatly to a big celebration. The deal toy has the ability to reflect the excitement of a transaction. The deal toy design must speak to the recipients and show off a little style in the process.

Embrace the team spirit with the perfect deal toy. A deal toy may represent financial success and inspiration. The perfect deal toy will be as unique as the celebration itself. It is possible to even become inspired with your own deal toy. It can become part of the business motto. A thoughtful deal toy will be a superb addition to very type of celebration.

Many Materials for an Exquisite Deal Toy

The perfectly crafted deal toy may come in a variety of materials. The right deal toy will be made with high quality materials. Inspiration and the selecting of the materials will be an enthusiastic experience. The following are a few of the material options:

  • crystals
  • Lucite
  • a variety of metals
  • stunning stones
  • and more

There are so many options for creating an exquisite deal toy to choose from. A high-quality deal to can fit into a business budget too. Success can come in many styles and shapes. The material options are in abundance.

Every Company is as Unique as Their Deal Toy

It is a good idea to look around to other companies to get a clear picture of the many unique deal toy creations. Each company has their own unique story to display. A deal toy will be inspirational and highly memorable with good designing and quality materials in place.

Browse around and allow the creativity to flourish as you select the perfect deal toy to tell your story. Add style into every aspect of the creation and let the story of success speak through a great deal toy. Every company can have a unique deal toy that is as extraordinary as their very own business celebration.

Logos that Truly Stand Out

Every logo design can be spectacular while standing out from the rest. The logo must be taken serious during the design process. Every industry must make the designing of their logo a priority. A logo is typically placed in the left-hand corner of a page. It is usually placed on the top of a page. Catching the eyes of many is certainly possible with a logo that stands out from the others.

The creation of the superior logo will be an exciting experience in itself. Innovation in the logo design process is needed. Keep in mind, the logo will represent and reflect the entire company. Remember, the logo is visible to everyone. A logo that stands out is going to be remembered by many people and will trigger good feelings about a brand. People will really remember the logo that stands out and they are going to talk about it to others.

The Powerful Logo

A powerful logo will be a memorable logo. A memorable logo is going to reinforce the message and ideas of the brand. The spectacular logo is going to excite many and create warm feelings about a brand. The memorable logo is going to foster a strong emotional connection with a brand.

The powerful logo is going to incorporate expectations and standards during the entire crafting process. A powerful logo will make a business stronger instead of breaking a business. A powerful logo is going to make an excellent impression of a business. A powerful logo is going to lead a brand to success. The following items will foster a powerful logo:

  • a good shape; the shape of every logo can impact every person who sees it because it will be easily recognized
  • the colors of a logo; colors do have meanings and they will convey a company’s message very well. Passion and integrity can shine through the logo
  • appealing and trusted; fresh eyes looking at a logo will determine if the logo is appealing or not. The powerful logo will provide a sense of trust. During the design process, it is important to gather opinions and determine if the logo is appealing and sending out a trusted impression of a brand

The Valuable Logo Speaks Volumes

The logo design is going to speak volumes to everyone who views it. The logo is going to visually express the values, ideas and will be the cornerstone of the entire brand of a company. The logo has an enormous job to do for every business. The logo and the designing of it is must be done articulately because it is highly important to each brand. It will be a part of an entire company.

A well-designed logo will have the ability to build long-term relationships with many people all around the world. A great logo is absolutely vital for every company. A valuable logo is going to shout out to the world while speaking volumes about the entire brand. The valuable and creative logo is much more than a name written on it.

It ought to be an eye-catching symbol. Everyone who sees a logo can connect immediately to a brand. A valuable logo will foster an instant recognition to a company. A valuable logo is going to speak about a company and the pride it takes in providing services and products to each consumer.

Designing the Perfect Loco Reflection

The creation of the perfect logo will offer several options in terms of logo types. The following are some examples of the different types and styles:

  • the representation type; the image can be used as a pictorial representation. This may include perception, attitude and solid representing of a company itself
  • text type; this is a logo that will use letters entwined with a stunning design
  • letterform; a letter shape can be created into a symbol representing the company
  • more logo options available

The designing of that perfect logo really provides so many wonderful options and ideas. Every logo is unique and can stand apart from the rest.

A Stunning Logo Design

A stunning logo design will have certain characteristics included. There are many great logo designs that truly stand out from others. Simplicity is included in many logos. The simple logo will make an impact and catch the eyes of many.

A fascinating logo design will be a memorable logo. The term fascinating may be a unique characteristic of a stunning logo design. Include the following characteristics in with a great logo:

  • memorable
  • timeless
  • targeted
  • versatile

These are a few of the qualities that equal a stunning logo design. Most people will remember a unique logo. Stunning and creative logos will indeed stand apart and will provide positive brand recognition.

A stunning logo design is going to be highly effective for a company. A fresh and colorful logo just might be the key to brand success. There are many elements weaved into a stunning logo. Do not underestimate the power of a stunning logo design because the logo matters.

How to Make Your Own Font

It is possible for you to make your own style of print. This can be excellent for those running businesses. Your own font can be unique, and it can be tailored to fit your business’ style. For instance, if you run a high tech business, having a futuristic looking font may help to attract customers. If you run a business with a historical theme, it may be best to have a font that looks like something from a previous generation. These are just some examples of how you can tailor your font to your business. However, there are some things to keep in mind when you are creating a font. These tips can help to make sure that your font looks good.

Determine The Basic Look of Your Font

First, you want to determine what basic type of font it is. Ask yourself if it is a spin off on already existing categories of fonts or something entirely new. This makes a big difference in how you will design the font. Also, determine what the basic look of your font will be.

Do not use an already existing font to directly design your font from. However, you can use other fonts for inspiration. In fact, carefully studying other fonts is recommended. This is particularly true when you are first starting out making fonts. Do not make your font out of your handwriting. This can be extremely imprecise, even if you have neat handwriting. Instead, you should very carefully draw out the letters that you intend to create.

How to Design a Font?

You also want to make sure that the font designing software that you use is of high quality. One form of typography software for the beginner learning to design a font is Adobe Illustrator. However, it’s certainly not the best. It is only good for starting out. When you have a bit of experience, move on to FontLab Studio, Gylphs, or Robofont.

When you make fonts, you want to be sure that it looks the way you want it to. First and foremost, you want to make sure it is legible and easy to understand. You certainly don’t want a font that people cannot understand. To know for sure whether the font is legible, you need to see it on paper. In addition to determining that it is legible, you need to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

Additionally, the lettering can be tailored to different languages. For instance, a reader used to reading print in Cryllic letters would have a difficult time with the letters of the English language. If your readers are located in a country that uses a different alphabet, with enough research you can design lettering catered to that language. This will take a bit of effort, but it’s certainly possible.

When you are happy with what you designed, use it for what you intended to use it for. This is when you can truly see how the font came out. If it didn’t, you can still make some tweaks to the font that you have created. However, hopefully it will look great once you get to this stage.

Five Tips to Build a Successful Business in The Modern Era

If you are a business owner, having a long range plan is very important to the success of your business. In fact, all aspects of your business should be planned out. The marketing strategy that you use, the type of products or services that you sell, employees that you hire, and all other aspects of your business are very important. You should leave no stone unturned when you are designing your business.

There are five different things that you should keep in mind when you are designing your business. Following these five tips can help your business to become successful and profitable for you. Obviously, you need to know what area of business you are in.

It is important to be able to define your business in a variety of different ways. It’s important to be able to know who you are selling your products to. It is also important to know your competitors. It is extremely important to be able to separate yourself from the competition.

Know what business you are in

Also, there are many different types of businesses. Of course, knowing what business you are in is critical. This may seem obvious, but there are many businesses that get themselves involved in too many things at once. To do this, it is a good idea to narrow the focus of your business. Often times, more focused businesses are more successful ones. For instance, a tax professional began catering his services to doctors. This made his business more successful, because it was more focused on a specific group of people.

You also need to make sure that your business is as unique as possible. In descriptions of your business, it is important that you list the most important benefits of your business. It is important not to overwhelm the customer with descriptions that are too long. This can deter customers. Instead, keep the descriptions of your products short and simple. Only mention the most important advantages of your products.

Develop an Effective Strategy of Competing

You must know what your competitors are bringing to the table, and you must have an effective strategy of competing with them. You need to know your competition very well in all the ways that they do business.

After you do this, you must make your business different from that of your competitors. You also need to inform your customers of how your business is different than that of the competition. Do not make the description too complex by telling customers of all ways that your business is different than your competitors. Instead, talk about the most important ways that your business is different than your competitor’s businesses.

Design the Appropriate Marketing Strategy

Knowing the demographic of customers, you are aiming your business at is crucial. This is important so that you can design the appropriate marketing strategy. The advertisements should be created in a manner that appeals to the demographic that you are targeting. For instance, a product targeted at seniors would do better with television advertisements than online advertisements. Pay attention to all things in the advertisement. The music, layout, theme, colors, and images are all important. You should be able to summarize how you are marketing your business in a very simple way. The strategy that you use should be something that can be quantified. Many businesses do not have a solid marketing strategy. All aspects of the marketing strategy should be examined.

If you follow these tips, your business has a much better chance of success. Your business will be more likely to be one of the successful ones rather than one that struggles to merely get off the ground. Most successful business owners would agree that these strategies are effective, and they are likely to enhance your success and profit.