Gain Online Presence with a Search-Engine-Optimization Consultant

Imagine for a moment a close friend has prepared to embark on their family road trip. Their car is packed full of luggage and favourite road treats. The kids are seated in the car, the gas tank full, and it’s time to start the long drive. But wait! The keys are missing. With the keys nowhere to be found, the road trip is delayed. Similarly, business owners of today may find themselves preparing to journey to levels of higher success. Staffing is accounted for, inventory is stocked and in place, the entire team is excited with the prospect of converting new interest. But wait! The business cannot be found online. One key to business success, an online presence, is missing.

The power of the internet is seen in its ability to make or break a business. We need to look no further than the morning news. Weekly, a story of a big brand going under bowed low due to online capabilities is highlighted. The ability to receive the key to this area of success, unlocking the windfall of customers the internet can provide, is an SEO Consultant. The need for a Search-Engine-Optimization Consultant is further uncovered upon learning exactly what it is they do.

SEO Consultants are responsible for ensuring your business listing populates a search term online. This is accomplished through a variety of methods, most of which can only be effectively done by a professional who knows what they are doing. For example, keyword research and keyword mapping. Understanding which keywords are driving traffic for a brand similar to yours, which keywords are low in competition, long-tail keywords (keywords that appear amid additional qualifiers), all must be researched, identified, and placed into your SEO objectives.

SEO Expertise Means What?

Many times, a business owner may notice error messages on their website. These error messages can slow page load times increasing customer bounce rates, thus making your online presence ineffective. To determine if these errors are crawl errors, broken links, 404 errors, 301/302 redirects, or the multitude of other errors that a site can experience, SEO experts are equipped to correct the issue. The over-arching concern of the business owner, about online capabilities’, seems to always lean to one question. Can my customers find me on Google? With the proper consultant, your website user experience will greatly increase. This is because, with an influx of content and media that is rich and specific, a website will see higher click-through-rates, increasing the sites Google ranking.

Every professional has their tools. For the SEO professional their tools include SEO software. Allowing the expert to pull data from Google trends, interpret the meaning of said data and relate it to a business’s specific KPI’s. (Measurable metrics that outline online success) SEO software thus positions the SEO Consultant with the ability to hone in on the magnitude the SEO strategies are having on day-to-day business. The best of these tools requires a financial commitment to access, while others are free.

Now, with eCommerce platforms bringing the world of shopping to your fingertips, SEO is even more critical. To be able to provide products to the public, the public must know the products that exist and where they can find them. Having a deep understanding of landing pages, shopping carts, abandoned carts, pixel data, online payment processes, and configurations, are another facet that an advanced SEO expert will bring to the table.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hiring an SEO professional there are a few ideas to keep in mind. The most valuable pointers to weigh in on are the following:

• The SEO expert’s job is simple. To help a business outrank its competition on online search terms. The faster this is done, the better. A word of caution though. Ensuring your consultant is trustworthy, on the up-and-up, will pay off dividends into the future. Because Google makes ranking and SEO difficult, an unscrupulous SEO expert may be pressured to use, Black Hat SEO tricks. Tricks designed to game the system will ultimately hurt you in the long run. After-all, Google employs the brightest in the field, worldwide. You cannot outsmart Google.

• Know your numbers. It is not the job of the business owner to interpret the data pulled from the SEO metrics. As a business owner, partnering with a consultant who will explain the data, emphasis the significance of such data, and partner to make the proper adjustments is critical. Feel out your consultant before committing to work with them.

Finding the right SEO expert is not as simple as a google search. This may help, but remember the best SEO professionals rely on word-of-mouth referral business. This is a good thing considering that the two businesses work synergistically, both feeding off of each other’s success.

5 Red Flags to Spot an Incompetent SEO Company

Whether you own your own business or you want to build an online presence for yourself as an entrepreneur, seeking out SEO consulting is a must. If you do not currently have a website, blog, or social media following, SEO consulting is highly advisable. When a website is properly optimized, it is more likely to appear within the first page of search results when using search engines such as Google and Bing. If you are in the need of SEO services, there are a few red flags to watch for to prevent overspending or disappointment while working together with an SEO agency.

No Reviews or a Digital Footprint

When researching an SEO company for the first time, be sure to check for a digital footprint. Search for the name of the SEO agency you are interested in working with using a top search engine such as Google. Is the SEO company listed as a business within the first page of search results, or is it difficult to find? Does the SEO agency have a current social media presence and active following? How often do they update their social media pages and respond to followers?

If an SEO agency does not have a digital footprint, it is advisable to remain skeptical while conducting the remainder of your research. If an SEO company is as great as they profess themselves to be, their official website should appear as the very first result when browsing for their agency name. Because SEO focuses on boosting rankings within search engines, this is a clear red flag to look for when finding an SEO solution and provider that is right for you.

You Are Promised Guarantees in a Short Period of Time

If an SEO company promises guarantees immediately after introducing themselves, it is best to steer clear. The top SEO agencies are well-versed in SEO but have an understanding of how search engine algorithms change and update without warning. Top SEO agencies will likely provide you with a road map and a plan of action without guaranteeing that your website will appear as the first search result immediately.

Any SEO company that is willing to promise the guarantee of a first-page search engine result in a short amount of time is likely lying or simply unaware of how SEO and search engines such as Google work.

The Company is Pressuring You to Sign a Long-Term Contract

Boosting your website’s SEO is one of the most important elements of creating a successful online presence. Without SEO, it becomes increasingly difficult to spread the word about your website, business, or brand, especially if you are selling products or services. When a website appears within the first page of search results, it is viewed as most trustworthy by users, even if the user themselves is unfamiliar with the website upon viewing it. However, it is important to avoid SEO companies that attempt to pressure you into signing a long-term contract with them, even if you intend to utilize SEO-boosting services for months or years.

SEO companies that pressure clients into signing long-term clients may cause you to overspend on services that simply do not deliver the results you envisioned. Once you sign a long-term contract, you are required to pay for the agreed services, even if they are unhelpful or damaging to your online reputation.

Because finding the best SEO company is not always easy, it is best to stick to agencies that do not pressure you into signing contractual agreements. SEO agencies that are confident in their work and the type of services they deliver are less likely to require new clients to sign agreements binding them to their company.

You Are Left in the Dark

A great SEO company is eager to share their thoughts and plans when it comes to new clients and building an online presence for a website. SEO companies that are unwilling to show you their methodology or the type of work they intend to do on your website are less trustworthy and may not have the SEO experience you need to succeed.

Even if an SEO agency informs you that sharing their tactics is not possible due to their wild success, it is best to seek an alternative provider. Top SEO agencies are not shy about showing clients their project scopes or plans, especially as they know that SEO algorithms are often changed and updated without notice, requiring them to shift their tasks and goals with a moment’s notice.

No Way to View Data and Analytics

Whenever you work together with an SEO company, it is important to have complete access to the results of each individual SEO campaign or tactic you implement. If an SEO agency is unwilling or claims that they are unable to provide you with a complete report of data and analytics collected from their services, they are not telling the truth. Reputable and trustworthy SEO companies are often eager to showcase stats, data, and real-time analytics with their clients, especially when they are great at delivering what their client needs.

The right SEO agency will willingly show you results from various campaigns or changes they have made within your website to prove their worth and value. Any time you speak with a new potential SEO company, ask how they collect data and how frequently you will have the ability to review it. You should always have the option to see the results of the work you pay for when working with an SEO company.

Once you are aware of the red flags some SEO companies and agencies present, make your decision while feeling comfortable with and confident in your choice. While not all SEO companies or agencies are out to scam from clients, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the services you are being provided before paying anyone to help with the optimization of your website. With the right SEO company and agency, gain peace of mind while having access to results and data of each campaign you launch without a hassle.

Big Vs. Small SEO Agency – Which One Is Best?

Having an online presence is the difference between growing as a brand and shrivelling into oblivion. In today’s business environment, only with a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website, will a brand have the ability to capture online interest. After-all, customers must be able to find their brand, on the first page for a particular search term, for continued online success. For the astute business owner, the question of what to look for in an effective SEO company comes to mind.

Choosing the right search-engine-optimization agency does not have to be a shot in the dark. Indeed, the search engine algorithms are constantly adapting, but for the seasoned agency, those changes are all but mysterious. Many have found the hardest decision to be one of choosing between a large agency with brand recognition, and a smaller intimate agency. It’s fitting to compare the two choices.

Benefits of a Large Search Engine Optimization Agency

Shrewd business owners are conscious of their bottom-line. Cost is an inevitable circumstance. Typically, large SEO agencies provide a service at a lower cost, compared with their smaller agency counterparts. Due to contractual agreements (more on this later), a smaller monthly fee is usually accompanied by a retainer fee. Besides the retainer fee, a time commitment must be agreed upon. These two stipulations should make an owner proceed alert.

Large SEO companies carry with them brand recognition. Brand recognition coupled with high search engine rankings enables a large SEO agency to constantly meet new clients. This can prove to be a benefit or drawback. A reputable yet small SEO agency relies on client referrals as its main source of client acquisition. Not from a steady influx of new website visitors. The personalized service provided through a small SEO agency means your business’s online success is their agency’s’ success.

A business needing SEO help is in a vulnerable position. The power of the internet is its ability to make-or-break a business. This is a genuine concern. Turning over a critical part of your business success to a third-party, seemingly borders on insanity. Thus, the capacity to research an agency should not be underrated. Finding client reviews online is a matter of a few clicks on your computer. Often overlooked is employee reviews. Combining the two types of reviews will uncover an agency’s authentic reputation. Likely, a large agency will have case studies for review, made available upon request. A few case studies from a business with similar interests may very well mean the large agency can get your job done too.

Benefits of a Small Search Engine Optimization Agency

Carrying a higher cost of service is a case of you get what you pay for. Smaller agency’s capacity for a deeper personalized service translates to a business owners’ capacity to choose. Choose exactly what services they want. Do they want to increase viewer time on their website, or expand their content to a wider audience? Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, a small agency likely deploys custom packages with personalized pricing.

As a referral-based agency, it is common to notice that smaller firms go the extra mile to deliver results. This is especially important when it comes to communication. For example, Google analytics is extremely robust. Learning to interpret the data and reporting capabilities is not a viable option for most business owners. Having the data interpreted in actionable steps and meaningful insights requires the help of an SEO professional. A smaller agency, taking the time to educate and advise its clients, is a definite advantage.

To be sure, both large and small Search-Engine-Optimization agencies come with benefits unique to them. The reasons listed above, sway many to choose the small agency option. This does not mean that all large agencies are bad. Yet, it does emphasize the need for a business owner to consider their situation.

Final Considerations

Let us recap the comparison between large Search-Engine-Optimization agencies with that of smaller operations. Taking advantage of a quick Google search will produce a list of highly visible organizations. This has its advantage when researching the capabilities of the agency. Also, it is the popular and most visible agencies that require less of a monthly financial commitment. It is also those organizations that will carry retainers and contract agreements covering three-months through one-year.

Earning referral business requires small operations to excel in personal service. Carrying a higher monthly cost, the small agency model gains ground in the area of effectiveness. Many business owners appreciate the ability to have data reports interpreted for them, in a way that allows for concrete adjustments. Likewise, the ability to receive services precisely aligned with unique business goals proves to be a game-changer for the small agency. Deviating from the cookie-cutter approach, businesses benefit greatly from a dynamic SEO package and pricing.

Whether deciding to utilize a small or large agency, here are a few tips to arm yourself with. If an agency begins to promise overnight results or a wind-fall of internet leads quickly, red flags should be flying high. Also, the shiny object trick will allow unscrupulous agencies to get away with promising ROI returns. Both scenarios spell out the danger. It is best to consider a few questions before deciding on who to turn your online presence over too. Is there a contract? What are the contract terms on deliverables? Will access to Google analytics be shared? Will the website be maintained under company ownership? What performance guarantees are in place? These are all important questions needing to be resolved.

Warum eine profunde SEO Beratung so wichtig ist

Das Akronym SEO steht für Search Engine Optimization, bedeutet also eine konstante Optimierung der Rankings in den Suchmaschinen. Google und Co. sind ständig dabei ihre Angebote für die User zu verbessern – das Internet wird sozusagen von Tag zu Tag intelligenter. Dementsprechend schnelllebig sind die Strategien. Was in der letzten Saison noch absolut on top war, kann heute schon vollkommen veraltet sein. Deshalb ist für ein Unternehmen, das seine Absatzmärkte über das Internet lukriert, eine qualitativ hochwertige SEO Beratung unumgänglich. Auch wenn Sie nicht mittels Online Shop verkaufen, muss Ihr Unternehmen im Internet gefunden werden können, denn eine benutzerfreundliche und ansprechende Website mit Optimierung für mobile Geräte und einem Google Ranking auf Seite 1 ist zur Visitenkarte eines Unternehmens geworden.

Selber machen oder Profis beauftragen?

Natürlich sind griffige SEO-Strategien nicht umsonst. Agenturen, die sich auf SEO und Online Marketing spezialisiert haben, leben von ihrer permanenten Fortbildung und dem Einsatz der effizientesten Tools. Sie haben stets aktuellen Überblick über diesen, sich ständig wandelnden Markt und betrachten die Anforderungen an eine optimierte Website aus ganzheitlicher Perspektive. Sie wissen, in welcher Reihenfolge vorgegangen werden muss, welche Parameter im Zentrum der SEO-Beratung stehen müssen, und dass Erfolg auch permanent Kontrolle braucht. Eine erfolgreiche SEO-Strategie lebt also ebenfalls davon, sich selbst zu hinterfragen und die Website auf „Leichen im Keller“ zu untersuchen. Dabei kann es sich um invalide Backlinks, Keyword-Spaming oder fehlerhafte Metadaten handeln, die das Ranking in Mitleidenschaft ziehen können. Natürlich ist ein findiger Website-Betreiber durchaus im Stande, selbst Keyword-Analysen oder Metatags zu erstellen, aber die Materie ist verwirrend umfangreich – sich hier umfassend einzuarbeiten braucht sehr viel Zeit und Energie, die Ihnen dann vermutlich in Ihrer eigentlichen Kernkompetenz abgeht.

Von Analysen, Zielgruppen und frischem Content

Als erstes wird eine seriöse SEO Beratung die Stärken und Schwächen Ihrer aktuellen Website analysieren. Dazu gibt es sehr clevere Tools, die hier zum Einsatz kommen und natürlich die nötige Erfahrung, um bereits aus dem Quellentext der Website erste Schlüsse ziehen zu können. Die nächste Frage ist dann schon die nach der Zielgruppe Ihres Unternehmens. Diese zu definieren ist eines, ihr Verhalten zu studieren und ihre Bedürfnisse zu erkennen, ein weiteres Indiz. Es ist notwendig zu wissen, wo sich Ihre Zielgruppe am liebsten „herumtreibt“, wenn sie online unterwegs ist, denn daraus können Sie weitere Schritte, wie zum Beispiel Social Media Marketing, in die Wege leiten. Nichts hasst Google mehr, als geklauten und kopierten Content. Das bedeutet, dass die Inhalte, die auf Ihrer Website erscheinen, nicht nur inhaltlichen Mehrwert darstellen, sondern auch leserfreundlich und ansprechend geschrieben sein sollen. Denn eines gilt im Heute und wird auch das Morgen noch erleben: Content is King.

Die Schlacht um die stärksten Keywords

Keywords sind nichts anderes als jene Suchbegriffe, die User bei Google eingeben, um bestimmte Produkte oder Dienstleistungen zu finden. Wenn Sie nicht das Glück haben, allein eine Marktlücke zu füllen oder Ihre Nische zu besetzen, ist die Konkurrenz im Netz riesig. Das bedeutet zunächst: Mitbewerber und deren Strategien zu beleuchten, um so herauszufinden, was das eigene Produkt oder die eigene Dienstleistung von anderen unterscheidet. Zur Keyword-Analyse hilft es aber nicht nur, sich mit schlauen Tools auszurüsten und diesen dann alles zu überlassen. Es gilt vor allem, selbst nachzudenken und seine Resultate mit anderen zu vergleichen. Wenn die geeigneten Keywords dann gefunden sind, geht es darum, sie in effizienter Weise einzusetzen. Das verpönte Keyword Stuffing, also ein Überfluten und ständiges Wiederholen der in Frage kommenden Keywords, ist längst Geschichte. Google hat längst erkannt, dass dadurch Inhalte manipuliert werden und somit keine nützliche Information für den User darstellen. Intelligente Suchmaschinen reagieren auf Manipulation extrem allergisch.

Miteinander netzwerken

Eine gute SEO-Beratung nimmt auf alle Aspekte der Online-Optimierung Rücksicht. Es ist im Interesse aller, also sowohl der Optimierer, wie der Geschäftsführung der Auftraggeber, möglichst homogen zusammenzuarbeiten. Es genügt also nicht, eine Agentur anzuheuern und dann im sprichwörtlichen Sinne die Füße hochzulegen. SEO ist nichts Einmaliges, SEO ist permanent, wenn sie erfolgreich sein soll. Das bedeutet aber auch, dass Sie viel Geld sparen können, wenn auch innerhalb Ihres Betriebes daran gearbeitet wird. Eine seriöse Agentur wird immer auch darauf bedacht sein, Ihre Mitarbeiter dahingehend zu schulen, wesentliche Details im SEO zu beachten und korrekt auszuführen. Denn schließlich ist SEO keine Hexerei und kann von jedem erlernt werden, der Interesse und Zeit mitbringt, sich in das Thema einzuarbeiten. „Ein bisschen SEO“ ist genauso illusorisch, wie „ein bisschen schwanger“ oder „ein bisschen tot“.

Dranbleiben und dabei wachsen

Es ist offensichtlich: SEO ist ein Thema, das uns noch lange befassen wird. Doch SEO ist eine sehr organische Angelegenheit. Die Technologien werden nicht nur schneller, sondern auch immer klüger. Algorithmen und Crawler entwickeln Intelligenz und lesen längst nicht mehr wie Grundschüler, sondern haben mindestens ihr Abitur gemacht. Was ich damit sagen will: Künstliche Intelligenz ist dem menschlichen Verständnis bereits nahezu ebenbürtig. Deshalb ist es für zeitgemäße Unternehmen unverzichtbar, in fundierte SEO zu investieren, denn ohne sie bleibt die schönste Website unauffindbar und das beste Produkt für seine potenziellen Kunden und Nutzer unsichtbar. Ich möchte Sie aber keinesfalls erschrecken, denn wenn Sie sich damit zu befassen beginnen, erkennen Sie schnell nicht nur den Mehrwert, sondern auch den Spaß, den die Beschäftigung mit SEO machen kann. Wer sich also von einer kompetenten SEO-Beratung inspirieren lässt, geht damit einen großen Schritt weiter in Richtung Wachstum und Fortschritt.