Gain Online Presence with a Search-Engine-Optimization Consultant

Imagine for a moment a close friend has prepared to embark on their family road trip. Their car is packed full of luggage and favourite road treats. The kids are seated in the car, the gas tank full, and it’s time to start the long drive. But wait! The keys are missing. With the keys nowhere to be found, the road trip is delayed. Similarly, business owners of today may find themselves preparing to journey to levels of higher success. Staffing is accounted for, inventory is stocked and in place, the entire team is excited with the prospect of converting new interest. But wait! The business cannot be found online. One key to business success, an online presence, is missing.

The power of the internet is seen in its ability to make or break a business. We need to look no further than the morning news. Weekly, a story of a big brand going under bowed low due to online capabilities is highlighted. The ability to receive the key to this area of success, unlocking the windfall of customers the internet can provide, is an SEO Consultant. The need for a Search-Engine-Optimization Consultant is further uncovered upon learning exactly what it is they do.

SEO Consultants are responsible for ensuring your business listing populates a search term online. This is accomplished through a variety of methods, most of which can only be effectively done by a professional who knows what they are doing. For example, keyword research and keyword mapping. Understanding which keywords are driving traffic for a brand similar to yours, which keywords are low in competition, long-tail keywords (keywords that appear amid additional qualifiers), all must be researched, identified, and placed into your SEO objectives.

SEO Expertise Means What?

Many times, a business owner may notice error messages on their website. These error messages can slow page load times increasing customer bounce rates, thus making your online presence ineffective. To determine if these errors are crawl errors, broken links, 404 errors, 301/302 redirects, or the multitude of other errors that a site can experience, SEO experts are equipped to correct the issue. The over-arching concern of the business owner, about online capabilities’, seems to always lean to one question. Can my customers find me on Google? With the proper consultant, your website user experience will greatly increase. This is because, with an influx of content and media that is rich and specific, a website will see higher click-through-rates, increasing the sites Google ranking.

Every professional has their tools. For the SEO professional their tools include SEO software. Allowing the expert to pull data from Google trends, interpret the meaning of said data and relate it to a business’s specific KPI’s. (Measurable metrics that outline online success) SEO software thus positions the SEO Consultant with the ability to hone in on the magnitude the SEO strategies are having on day-to-day business. The best of these tools requires a financial commitment to access, while others are free.

Now, with eCommerce platforms bringing the world of shopping to your fingertips, SEO is even more critical. To be able to provide products to the public, the public must know the products that exist and where they can find them. Having a deep understanding of landing pages, shopping carts, abandoned carts, pixel data, online payment processes, and configurations, are another facet that an advanced SEO expert will bring to the table.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hiring an SEO professional there are a few ideas to keep in mind. The most valuable pointers to weigh in on are the following:

• The SEO expert’s job is simple. To help a business outrank its competition on online search terms. The faster this is done, the better. A word of caution though. Ensuring your consultant is trustworthy, on the up-and-up, will pay off dividends into the future. Because Google makes ranking and SEO difficult, an unscrupulous SEO expert may be pressured to use, Black Hat SEO tricks. Tricks designed to game the system will ultimately hurt you in the long run. After-all, Google employs the brightest in the field, worldwide. You cannot outsmart Google.

• Know your numbers. It is not the job of the business owner to interpret the data pulled from the SEO metrics. As a business owner, partnering with a consultant who will explain the data, emphasis the significance of such data, and partner to make the proper adjustments is critical. Feel out your consultant before committing to work with them.

Finding the right SEO expert is not as simple as a google search. This may help, but remember the best SEO professionals rely on word-of-mouth referral business. This is a good thing considering that the two businesses work synergistically, both feeding off of each other’s success.